Welcome to North Cowie

North Cowie is renowned for breeding large frame easy care Merinos and Poll Merinos with plain bodies for ease of management carrying heavy cutting, well-nourished bright white wools of a medium to soft bold caricature in the 19 to 21 micron range. 

North Cowie aim to breed sheep that are tough enough to survive and thrive in the harsh Australian pastoral conditions but with soft white wools that can handle the high rainfall areas like Kangaroo Island and the South East as well. Nourishment in the wools is critical at North Cowie, as the high alkaline sandy loam dust of the Southern Yorke Peninsula will penetrate sheep’s wool to the skin in no time. There’s extra nourishment bred into North Cowie sheep to keep the dust out. 

We pride ourselves on breeding todays easy care merinos, yet still cutting plenty of wool and keeping in mind our clients ease of management, whilst returning more dollars per hectare on their sheep enterprise.

35th Annual On-property ram sale

2022 On-Property Sale Wednesday 27 July 2022

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